From Your Arms ~To My Feet

My love story started off shaky. I think all the great ones do.

The thick energy is constant between the two love birds. One is head over hills, and the other is just trying to figure things out. Tables are soon turned, and confusion arises. Love is great, right? Good ole “I think I’d rather be dead” type of love, but if I was, my suffering would be over. And I think deep inside, we all like a little bit of suffering.

Maybe that’s why we want things we can’t have.

Things that seem unattainable are so damn attractive. Case in point that relationship that you long for but he/she doesn’t long for you. UGHHH.. that feeling sucks! But the sky looks so blue, and the air feels crisp and sweet across your face when you see a sign of a tiny bit of hope appears.

So how much rejection are you willing to put up with before you say enough is enough?

Are you willing to risk being hurt in-order to possibly find love?

I say Hell TO THE YES!

Comfort ~VS~ Fulfilled

We are all so skeptical and guarded. So much that it’s preventing us from stepping outside of our comfort zone and taking risks. We overthink every situation and would rather remain in something comfortable and not fulfilling. Now I don’t know about you, but I value myself way too much to settle for comfortable. I need to be fulfilled to the highest power.

Let me back up to where I began.

I had begun telling you that my love story started out shakey, and boy did it. I fell in love right when my love fell out of love. My heart broke when I looked at him, and his eyes were cold. That cut right through my soul, and I immediately shut down. Which caused me to start dating my ex-boyfriend. He was so unfulfilling, but he was familiar, not comfortable but familiar. If I described him, I would say he was like a wet sports bra, you almost dislocated your shoulder trying to take it off, and when you finally strip it from your body, you swear that you’ll never wear it again.

After a short while I was sick of that wet, cheap sports bra and I needed to go to Lululemon and get me a high quality one. No matter what it cost me, I was willing to pay!

So when I saw my love again, which wasn’t by chance. He thought it was but nope, not even close. I guess you can say I was watching him for quite a while and discovering his whereabouts. And one day, I risked it all by swallowing my pride and telling him how I felt about him. I was willing to be hurt.

That’s when I knew I loved him. I let go of comfort and stood on the edge of that cliff with my eyes closed and arms stretched out as wide as they could go. Knowing if he missed me, I would fall flat on my face, and I didn’t care! He was worth being uncomfortable for.

I landed in his arms and back on my feet!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. “To eembrace true love when trur love appear
    is to take a chace that truel love will never disappear

    “To embrace true love when it appear
    is taking a caluculated risk true love will never disappear
    as true love last forever.” _-Van Prince

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