Peace Over Drama

This is why I choose PEACE!

My time is valuable
My peace is rightfully mine
I own it

My friendship is not for everyone
I will not be used or taken advantage of
You can not talk about me and lie on me
Then smile in my face
I will not be disrespected by dust bunnies
That are going nowhere

Sitting lonely waiting for someone
To shower them with love
The way my love showers me

Pictures can be photoshopped
Laughs that look real often aren’t
I don’t want to play a part of friendships
That begin and then end
Spinning until the wheels fall off
I think not

You talk about her
She talks about you
The misery never stops

And that is why I choose to stand apart
My peace and drama free life
Feels good in my soul
I have freedom to sit still
Planning trips and focusing on my goals

While y’all sit around waiting for the truth to be told.


You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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