Let Them Talk

Give yourself permission to be over the top and live life as loud as you want to!

Way too often, we stop ourselves from being extra because we are afraid of what people will think or say. Mind you, they won’t say it to your face, but when you turn around, they will be talking. So I say LET THEM TALK.

Who gives a damn if anyone has a problem with how you live your life or how you show excitement. I am quick to hop online and flex, so I can show off my gains. Hell, I work hard, I’m 44, a mom of 3, and I feel good about myself. Others may frown when they see my pictures and think, “Girl go sit down.” And my thoughts are, “Who’s going to make me”?

My favorite line to use is “Who’s gonna check me, boo”? I would like to see someone try.

Once you tap into that confidence and the correct state of mind, you will no longer care what people say about you. I will never confront anyone and say I heard you said this or that; I flat out DON’T care.

LET THEM TALK and you continue to be you.

I tell my clients, daughters, and son to always focus on themselves. Be the positive energy in the room and know when to walk out of a negative space. Don’t continue to mingle in an area that will eventually suck the joy out of you and turn you just as miserable as the rest of the individuals in the room.

RUN, don’t walk!

But know that your name will be like vomit coming out of everyone’s mouth when you leave the room. LET THEM TALK and keep your peace. The faster you walk, the more they will talk. The faster you run, the more they will smear your name. But who cares, because no-one of substance will listen to a negative, miserable fool anyway. You know who you are, and that’s enough.


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Greatest wisdom learned. Liking ourselves. You are a amazing, smart and beautiful young lady. We must leave the naysayers behind us. Old grandpa saying. “If they don’t want to learn or listen to us. Don’t waste time on useless people. Find brother and sister spirits. Celebrating life.”

      1. He was very wise. He told the family. When you visit my home. Keep your anger and hate outside. My house is for the family and love. You are welcome dear Belladonna.

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