Gold Teeth


Your gold teeth were a statement

To me they said you were insecure

You needed to hide behind something that glowed

All of our attention was placed on the gold

Leaving your shyness undetected

I knew who you were from the start

As you talked loud trying not to be exposed

Exposed for the suburban boy you are

Always yelling out COLLEGE PARK

True bad boy from the heart

I guess it was your age that made you stop

Wise enough to know your act was getting old

You stopped pretending and you removed the gold

It’s about time you let that truth unfold

So here’s your platform

Let your real story be told

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


13 Replies to “Gold Teeth”

      1. Yes absolutely and I feel like it’s worse for men because they’re always expected to keep their emotions bottled up which is absolutely ridiculous.

      2. Me too! It’s absolutely ridiculous to expect one gender to never be emotional or vulnerable. I wonder how that even started its just so dumb.

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