LOVe Me15 ~Stiff As A Board~

Because this is the month of Love, every day, I am going to share one thing that I LOVE!

Light as a feather and stiff as a board!

Today I’m thankful for childhood sleepovers. We always stayed up all night laughing and playing games. And one of the games that we always played involved one girl getting in the center of a circle made of girls. One person would be posted at her head, one at her feet, and at least 2 plus on each side of her. There would be candles lit, and all the lights turned off. We would whisper as her head was being lightly rubbed…

“You are now becoming light as a feather and stiff as a board.”

We would repeat this over and over and over again until our victim was feeling drowsy. Once that feeling occurred, she was said to now be limp and easy to pick up. So easy that only two fingers from each girl were needed for this liftoff. Now, if memories serve me correctly, we could lift her off the ground quite easily.

Maybe it was luck or maybe we were able to lift her because there was so many of us doing the lifting.

Whatever the case may be, it was fun, and the game lasted for hours. We would take turns so that each girl had the chance to know what it felt like to float off the ground. When my turn came around, my heart was pounding with excitement.

When the game was over, we all felt like we had special magical powers.

I feel like I’m 12 again as I type this.

Those moments will stay with me and forever be apart of me.

I will forever be …..”

Light as a feather and stiff as a board”…..No matter what the scale says.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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    1. I saw a couple of other bloggers doing this and had to join in. It’s helping me really focus on all the positively in my life. Happy Thursday pretty lady♥️

      1. A wonderful idea. I think I started something similar and that is to take a picture of something beautiful each day. At the end of the year I hope to make a photo book or video about it. Happy weekend start gorgeous. 💙

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