So Long Dumb and Dumber


Not any more!

I will not do it because if I do, I will compromise my self-respect and end up going down the same rabbit hole I just climbed up.

Why do we allow just anyone into our lives and our home?

I am usually so picky and on my toes about who I allow in my space. I have to know you for quite sometime before I invite you to step foot in my house. I’ve always picked out houses that kind of set back in places that you wouldn’t even know existed.

We currently live in a subdivision that leaves people shocked. When they make that sharp turn to come into our neighborhood, they are blown away about how many houses are back here. Before entering, they thought it was a dead-end.

I freakin love that!

But when I decide to let you know that that dead-end isn’t a dead-end, I do a background check on you, and feel you out. Your energy has to match with the energy in my house. And I thought a few folks had passed my sniff test, but boy was I wrong.

Yesterday I wrote this Quote of The Day, and I couldn’t wait to go into my own personal experience dealing with this.

Stepped Outside My Comfort Zone and I Let Dumb In

I met a few folks that sucked the life right out of me. Every time I turned around, they wanted something, and never once did they call just to say Hi. I knew when that phone rang they wanted something. And that something would pull me in a direction that I was uncomfortable with. My heart wanted to always say NOOOOOO but SURE would fall right out of my stupid mouth.

But I don’t blame them, I blame myself!

I voluntarily invited them into my house and gave up my precious time listening to their complaints and problems that they created. No one held a gun to my head and forced me to do that.

OH, I’m The Negative Vibe

And in the end, and notice, I said the END, I finally began to say no and let their calls go to voicemail. Shortly after I changed, their view of me became negative and made it seem like I was the negative vibe. Yeah, okay, I’ll take that and whatever else they have to dish out.

As a matter of fact, keep dishing it out. I think it’s bringing me good luck!

So long Dumb and Dumber.

You could have chosen any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


22 Replies to “So Long Dumb and Dumber”

      1. It takes a lot to get me down and to wipe away my whacky sense of humor. I’m so thankful that I’ve always been able to say see ya and recognize when folks aren’t a good fit for me. Plus I’m a homebody and reading and writing is BIG fun for me.

    1. Yes Yes and Yes! I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has an opinion and so many people will think poorly of you. We will always be happy as long as we stay true to who we are.

  1. I too am learning boundaries better and better as years go by! And getting sharper at it. That wish to be labelled as Nice has just taken away a lot of my energy. It is important to choose for what works for me and offer my time, kindness and love from there.

  2. You won’t regret saying bye-bye to them! I did that with a supposedly close friend and felt relief after she stopped contacting me. That’s a sign that it was time to end the friendship (which wasn’t really an authentic one, I’ve come to realize now). Good for you for standing up for yourself! It’s a learning experience, right?!

  3. Girrrl! I’m so proud of you! I’ve been there too which is why I love this post so much. Isn’t it funny how they paint you to be the mean one when you finally tell them to go kick rocks? I’m laughing at them and cheering for you as I type! 🤗 You win! 🏆🏆🏆

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