She Wants To Feel Normal

Whatever that means……

Picture a woman that is 8 months pregnant, caring for one or more small children, and at the same time, she’s suffering from depression. Her one go-to vice is food. It feels good to taste and chew, but it hurts once she’s completed another meal or snack.

It physically and mentally hurts!

Her self-confidence, well, let’s just say that she looks at every woman and compares herself to them. Constantly body-shaming herself and poking at her fat roles, wishing she had her old body back. Her pain sets in when she looks at old pictures and sees that spark she carried in her eyes. She longs for that feeling again. All she wants is to feel is normal.

Whatever that means.


Then there’s the guilt that takes place when she desires to make time for herself. She looks at her kitchen, and it’s flooding with dishes, crumbs, and smudges all over her floor, a refrigerator that was once full and now looks as if all she purchased was a bottle of ketchup. Which she then wondered why someone put an empty bottle back into the refrigerator.

She turns the corner and comes face to face… or face to the laundry with the most massive amount of dirty clothes. Anxiety begins to build.

What should she do?

Glad you asked! Leave the clothes right there and go do something for herself. Something that will keep her glow going and maintain her aliveness… Is that a word? Whatever I like it so, I’m going with it. Sometimes you have to turn your back on the dirty clothes and dishes so that you can feel good about yourself. Because if momma feels good, then everyone feels good!


Find it and hold on to it. Never allow anyone to make you feel as though you finding balance is a selfish act. Without balance, you will sink and lose sight of who you are. And that feeling of normalcy will slip through your fingers, and it will feel impossible to grab ahold of it ever again.

So to that new mom striving to feel normal, I say this….. stay calm, enjoy those babies, and carve out time for you every day!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose, and I’m honored!


12 Replies to “She Wants To Feel Normal”

  1. Much needed in these days.. though I have one baby only but I know struggle is real when you have to manage baby, home and a professional life. Problem is when you prioritise your hobbies passion self love etc come much down and most of the time goes in the top 3. What I realised from my experience is if it’s possible do take help from spouse from any family member or if you can outsource any help..I do understand it’s not easy to get help that case even in major work prioritise things self love and anything which you like to do should come.
    I don’t know about different culture but what I believe somehow we are conditioned like that there is nothing wrong if we don’t do laundry daily..there is nothing wrong if the home is messy…if the surrounding is clean and hygienic mess doesn’t matter…
    Oh God this post just hit me at right place and I think I will keep on writing.. 😊

    1. Please keep writing, I felt every word. I remember when I had my first baby I was a mess! It was so hard forme to keep up with lif and I felt like I was constantly moving and sinkin at the same time.
      You are so right.. MESS doesn’t matter as long as it is safe to Iive in. Thank you so much for comment. And enjoy that baby. I wish I had one more.

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