Well Hello Guilt

I wrote I Think Susan Died at the beginning of December, and after a little bit of soul searching, I decided what to do with Susan.

I shoved her in a box in my closet and took December off from her beady little eyes. I felt terrific about it for a while, but now that Christmas is slowly approaching, the guilt has set in. My guilt level is relatively low because my youngest hasn’t said a word about her. NOT ONE WORD!

This makes me wonder, Did she ever appreciate Susan’s shenanigans? Or did she just go along with it to appease me?

Anyway, I think I’m feeling guilty because due to my age and the length of time I’ve been raising children, I am….. EXHAUSTED!

I want to be in my bed with a good book and live in silence. I’m getting a little cranky, and even babies get on my nerves. All that crying and crawling around is just too much for my mental state. And lucky for me, my teenagers, preteen, and husband feel the same way.

When we are home, we like to chillax!

And babies and Susan will interfere with our ability to chillax. I just hope that I didn’t prematurely get rid of Susan. I don’t want to think that I have single-handedly made my 11 year old grow up too fast. Which to be quite honest, that’s the only reason Susan is still around.

Let me know your thoughts or choose one below;

  1. Should I bring her out for this last week?
  2. Keep her in the closet because my daughter hasn’t mentioned her.

One of my fellow WordPresser suggested that I bring her out for Halloween and let her be a creepy little scary elf. I LOVED THAT IDEA!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


12 Replies to “Well Hello Guilt”

  1. I’m not the best person to ask, but we made a clean cut about the holiday with the eldest and directly told her that we weren’t going to do something that she admitted she didn’t believe in anymore. And the younger twins aren’t as fixated on such things; they have more of a casual attention to these details and don’t turn it into a major Broadway production for each and every holiday and loss of tooth. Go with your guts.

    1. Mine are the same as yours. My youngest hasn’t said and a peep. Maybe I’ll ask her if she misses Susan. Knowing her she’ll say “ Susan who” 🤦🏽‍♀️
      I hate that as a parent we carry guilt over stupid things

  2. Nug has told me she doesn’t care about stuff like this too much, but I will say even though Susan probably annoyed you, I thought it was hilarious! It was really funny seeing what you both were up to, all those messes she would make!

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