5 Quick Ways To BEAT The Blues ~ (Cinco Formas De Vencar Al Blues)


And by no means is this a holiday post. The blues don’t occur just during the holidays; this is 365 days a year struggle.

I was recently contemplating if I should delete my Facebook page, and then I remembered that I can’t do that because that is how we connect with our pastors. So that’s a must for us. Then I said, well, I don’t need Instagram at all! Hardly anyone on Instagram appreciates a good read, nor do they share deep opinions. You just post a picture, and calculated comments come rolling in. NOT all of them are calculated, but a LARGE majority definitely is, which is so frustrating to me.

This brings men back to my topic.

How To Beat The Blues


Numero Uno

Unplug from social media or get rid of the app altogether. I have several reasons why this should be your first step, but my main reason is that people are awful, like soul aching awful. I’ve found that people of ages and gender copy off of each other all day. When one person posts a picture of something, then the rest of the Hurd rushes to post the same picture of them. Not to mention the folks that have the same selfie but with a different caption.

I mean, how many times can you say, “Girl, you are beautiful, great pic ( insert eye roll). Instantly puts me in the worst mood.


Numero Dos

Leave your home and go for a walk or a run. Staying locked up in your house can cause depression and make your mind lose focus on what’s important in life. Living an active life can bring about so much satisfaction and help create a positive state of mind.

Numero Tres

Try not to put limitations on your life. If you want to be a pilot, then be a pilot. Silence the noise around you that’s telling you your idea is ridiculous.



Numero Cuatro

Think about your future and make plans for an amazing or vacation or a new career. It doesn’t matter what other people definition of what ‘amazing’ means. This is ” your amazing,” so you set the standards. When you give yourself something to look forward to, it makes today seem a little brighter.

Numero Cinco

This one is my favorite way to beat the blues. I hug and tell my crew how much I LOVE THEM. Before I met my husband, I wasn’t much of a hugger, but I’ve become one since he is. Whenever I need a hug, I know that he is ready and won’t let go until I do. If I chose to hug him 50 times, I know his arms would be stretched out and ready to embrace me.

Let me know how you beat the blues.


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


8 Replies to “5 Quick Ways To BEAT The Blues ~ (Cinco Formas De Vencar Al Blues)”

  1. Yeah… This spring was the second time I dumped FB. I occasionally miss hearing about 10 people’s lives, but I am much more satisfied writing a regular blog. FB is terrible for not appreciating anything that is not copypasta. Long form writing is actively discouraged. And there is so much circular angst on FB that I am still surprised that I don’t feel the constant rage I felt when I was FBing it.

    Side note — always meant to mention I love your name. It was under consideration for a name for one of my twins until I got a firm, “Uh-uh” from the spouse.

    1. I’m with ya I. The dumping of FB. If it wasn’t for my pastors having live service and occasional bible studies I wouldn’t have it.

      Thank you for name props and …Well at least you tried 😂

  2. Yes indeed! Unplugging from social media for a while and getting outside, walking/exercise have been my go-tos! I love the outdoors on a beautiful day!

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