The Ultimate Death Note


Over the last few weeks, I’ve received emails that broke my heart! And today’s email was just a shock and left me feeling sick to my stomach. It began like they all do…

With a heavy heart, I would inform you of so and so’s passing.

Then a short condensed paragraph of this amazing person’s life is written, and that’s it. We delete the email and go on about our day like nothing happened. Meanwhile, there is a whole slew of people feeling like their life is destroyed because their loved one is gone.

I can’t help but wonder if they are upset while reading this short paragraph that was obviously thrown together. Like how can you summarize someone in a tiny paragraph? I can’t even begin to do that with a book that I’ve read… NOT ONE BOOK. So how is it possible to do that with someone’s life? If you only have time to throw together a paragraph, then pass the job on to someone else.

That totally infuriates me, and I feel like sending an evil reply to the poor excuse for a messenger. But I won’t; I will bite my tongue or, in this case, sit on my hands and look away from my laptop. I will do just that and send my own email to the family and a beautiful basket of fruit, flowers, or edible arrangements. I’ll ponder over it for a while. And, in the end, I want to know more about this person. I want to hear it from the mouths of someone that loved him.  And not from an email that was probably written by someone who has known him for a short period of time (in this case, it was less than a year).

I didn’t know this man very well, but I know he deserved more than 3 lines in an email. Not even a picture attached to these 3 lines. Just his name and 3 lines of content.

Are we more than that?

Don’t we deserve more than that?

Y’all, I  want to be more than an email that contains 3 lines. I need `’THE ULTIMATE’ death note.


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!



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  1. You had me at your anime reference. I agree completely – the short obituary note has always rubbed me the wrong way. Even tombstones are usually more about the mourner than the person they lost. So many stories lost in time.

  2. Death Note. Great title for this blog post… I’m impressed you are familiar with this anime. It’s one of my favorites ♥️

    I wish that people put more effort into their comments, emails, and words. It’s as if people don’t even try to make an effort anymore.

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