Don’t Knock….. KICK It IN

Not knowing your worth can prevent you from crossing the finish line. Allowing other people to tell you what you are worth can block you from even entering the race.

Imagine if you wipe out other people’s voices that we’re telling you that you will never be better than what you are right now. Deafening the foolishness that speaks nonsense like;

  • “Once you have kids, you will never be the size you would like to be”
  • “When you turn 40, all hope is lost for thinking you will ever be a size 4,6 8″” (or whatever your number is)
  • “Men over 40 can’t dunk the basketball anymore.”
  • “After 40, the beer gut will set in, and the rest is history.”
  • “If you were born poor, then your children will be too.”
  • “You can’t succeed in life unless you know someone that can help you climb the corporate ladder.”
  • You will never be financially successful from that idea.”

Those are just a few examples of the words you should silence. If you are reading this blog, know this.

You can change any and everything that doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, transition into a new career, or digging yourself out of debt. When you put a game plan together and courage, you can and will do an about-face.

Self- Esteem

Here’s the thing, lack of self-esteem will have you listening to all the negativity that’s coming at your face harder and quicker than a punch from Tyson. But you have the option to bob and weave yourself right out of the ring and focus on you.

Once you put that game plan on paper and began talking nice to yourself, your opportunity for change becomes unstoppable. Began to walk with your head held high and in the spirit of what you want is already yours. If you can think it then you can achieve it.

But it’s up to you to figure out how you’re going to approach the door of opportunity. Don’t be nice with your approach. OWN IT!

Don’t politely knock on it….kick that bitch in and let’em know.

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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