I Think Susan Died

She use to stare at me with condescending eyes and a smirk on her face. I know she knew that she annoyed the stuffing out of me and that I secretly wished death on her!

Night after night, she performed new tricks.

She left the kids with wonderment. “OHHHHH, I wonder what Susan will do today,” they thought.

“You mean besides getting on my last nerve” of course, I would say that to myself.

I know my older kids sit back and wait to see what tricks I will make Susan do. I know they don’t think a mystery elf can come to life and destroy things at night or leave a sassy message. If they believe in Susan’s magic, then I have bigger problems than Susan to deal with.

But my older kids get a big laugh at the things Susan comes up with. They especially like when she leaves treats.

However, let me explain my dilemma and PLEASE leave me suggestions on what I should do.

I’ll begin by letting you all know that I HATE Susan and her beady little eyes annoy me. Not to mention that most nights, I’m dead tired by 9:00 (no one better laugh at me). When the clock strikes 9, I have my PJ’s on, glasses on, and hair pinned up, ready for my hot tea and a good book. I feel cozy, warm, relaxed, and the last thing I feel like doing is getting out of bed and placing Susan in a new spot. I think I do it because my kids think it’s silly…nerdy but yet silly.

My youngest daughter (she just turned 11) is the reason Susan is out, but at this point, I know she doesn’t believe in Santa, let alone a magical elf. As a matter of fact, my husband and I have never asked any of our kids if they still believe Santa. We honestly didn’t care if they believed or not. We just like leaving a few gifts unwrapped and seeing the smiles on their face before they open their other presents. We know that they probably stop believing when they were 10.

But we like to pretend that they still believe. I guess, at this point, my husband and I just have fun playing Santa.

However, Susan is an entirely different situation. We…..( and when I say we, I mean me) have to keep the elf on the shelf going for the ENTIRE month!

So here’s my question.

  1. Should I bury Susan and pretend she died?
  2. Should I keep the elf magic going for kicks and giggles?


If you are in the same position but feel clueless about ideas, watch this video for some great ideas.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


30 Replies to “I Think Susan Died”

  1. Haha oh man, what if you buried Susan and then a couple days later she returns from the dead and is now Spooky Susan or Sinister Susan? Could be a fun twist on things. Or a nightmare lol

  2. My daughter told me the other day she no longer wanted special Christmas pajamas. Keep the magic. It goes out soon enough

    1. Oh wow I just placed an order for matching PJ’s. My oldest two didn’t seem that thrilled about it but I don’t care. We are taking pictures and I don’t want to hear any side talk! Yes I think you are right about keeping the magic.

  3. We had a special case with our own eldest, who would write notes and expect responses from Santa and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny…

    While there are other reasons for this, we just had a frank conversation with her around 11 when she’s forgotten to write one of her books to Santa after she was supposed to be in bed and hour before.

    She had already decided she didn’t believe in any of those, but had wanted to write letters on the chance she was wrong.

    But she’s a very OCD girl. It needed to be done to spare everyone’s sanity. Sounds similar to your situation.

    1. LOL That is where I am now. I know she doesn’t believe. But carries hope. She does the same thing as your daughter and aspects Santa an the tooth fairy tp write her back. As if remebering to take the tooth isn’t enough. I’m over it all!!!!

      1. I think the conversation went something like: “What have your friends been saying at school about Santa? What do you _really_ believe? Okay…. you’re friends are right and mom and dad are tired of gimping our handwriting so you don’t know who it was when we don’t think you really believe in it anyway.”

        She went with a nod and admitted she had know all the holiday/fairy folk were mom and dad for several years. Except she hoped they weren’t and didn’t want to “mess up” and be wrong.

        Thank goodness our twins are a little more relaxed about all of the things that made the eldest (and still does) a holy terror to deal with at times. They are like: “Yay! Toothfairy gave us cash. Lets start wiggling on the next tooth!”

        With the eldest it required full ceremonial funeral for her teeth before she could deign to release it to the tooth fairy.

      2. Hilarious!!!! My kids didn’t want to fess up to not believing in the fairy tales because they live money and presents.
        Even now the oldest two will say I can’t wait to see what Santa leaves and I’m like a bill! He’s leaving you the water and gas bill🤣

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