Thankful ~Reached 500~ Word Press Followers

I’m literally gushing with love today, and I feel so blessed. Life can sometimes throw you a couple of left hooks and then throw a right one, and it lands right on your nose.

Leaving you holding your nose and then BAMMMMM left hook to the gut. But lucky for me, I’ve practiced bobbing and weaving. Somehow this year, I’ve managed to not get a scratch on me… now that’s a blessing. Then all of a sudden, I look up from the boxing ring called life, and I see that I’ve reached the BIG;


When I started blogging, I posted once a week, and now I’m hooked. Like hooked hooked! I blog just about every day, and I’ve met some wonderful people along the way. I want many of you to be apart of my life forever and ever! Because you make my freakin day.


I am so grateful, and my heart is full. So today, I thank you all for joining me in this boxing ring. And may we all continue through 2020 bruise-free.

You could have JOINED any blog, but you JOINED mine, and now we are bounded for LIFE!



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