~Quick Poll About YOUR Support System~

Women need Women!

Men need Men!

But do we recognize that we need each other?

Lately, I have been consumed with this question and need to hear how others feel. So I figured the best way to get my answers would be to do a quick survey. Over the next few days, I will be conducting a few polls and NEED all of you to take time and participate.

If you missed my post yesterday for some strange reason, please take a moment to click and read. 4 Steps To Find Your Support System.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


2 Replies to “~Quick Poll About YOUR Support System~”

  1. it is funny, that we do not recognize this in times of economic growth and times of false peace! But as the African proverb, (not Hillary Clinton) says it takes a village. Not just the adults but even the children. Our elders find significance in having someone seat at their feet to pour their wisdom out too. This will assist a parent and free them up to care for the elders. I’m just giving a generic illustration. thanks for asking the question!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Our village is so necessary if growth is what we desire. I have clients of all ages but my favorite ones are all 70 and over. Their wisdoms and outlook on life is so refreshing and really makes me value life. Thank you so much for reading and commenting 💗

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