Happy November

I am so happy that we have made it to November!

We can get this election over with. My nerves are a wreck, and I am so sick of all the coverage. Even though, I have to sadly admit that I’m one of those people that has the news on throughout my day. Partly because I’m nosey and don’t want to miss a beat. And because I like to debate with one of my best friends, who’s a republican. Yes, we can disagree and still love one another. It’s hard, but what can I say.

In other news, my husband’s birthday is this month, and to decorate for it means bright shiny lights are coming out!

Yep, Christmas is about to happen in da’houzzzze. His birthday is always celebrated by kicking off the Christmas season. I have had countless folks come to my house in the middle of November and look at me like I’m crazy. Their first words are “Do ya just skip right over Thanksgiving”? My answer to that is heck NO.

We eat our Thanksgiving meal by the tree while watching “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.”

Oh, how I love cousin Eddie!

You guys, I can’t wait to get that movie out and keep it on constant rotation with the “Elf,” “Home Alone,” “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and a few others. I turn into a homebody, and phone calls will not get returned on a timely basis or not at all. Nothing personal; I just love being wrapped up in the moment with my family. I constantly bake and pull out my good dishes for every meal.

Before I get too deep in my Christmas game, let me take a step back and ask ya’ll about Halloween!

How was your Halloween?

I decked my house out with decor, and then on Halloween day, I was over it!


My daughter didn’t feel good after her soccer game. We never planned on Trick or Treating because of the rise in Covid cases ( our schools are virtual for the next two weeks due to covid). But I was going to pass out candy. However, when the day came, I decided not to hand out candy. I wasn’t in the mood. Period!

So we ate tacos with our Halloween lights on and watched “The Shining.” It was a perfect night.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Here is to another month of choices and opportunities. To warm by the fire and sipping tea, or eggnog 😊. To family traditions and enjoying each others company. Warmest wishes. Always.

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