Stumbling Through My 40’s

I’ve been searching for a new tagline for my blog for the past month or so, and nothing sounded good to me. I searched for something that embodied who I am and all the things that I love to do. But I like a lot of different things, so choosing a tagline was a little difficult.

Then It Happened

Over a month ago, I went to my annual Doctors appointment and did all the necessary blood work. I knew that when I received my results, it would have some bull on it. I was looking forward to my appointment because I was beyond anxious for my doctor to tell me what was wrong with me. Lately, I’ve been feeling tired, and I have to drag myself out of bed. Once I’m up, I stare at the wall for what seems like 4 hours, and then finally, I break my daze. I stumble down the stairs to make a strong cup of coffee, pop my vitamins, drink 20 ounces of water, and fight my way through the day.

Which consist of highs, and LOWS!

So a couple days after my appointment, I received a call from my doctor, and she told me I’m anemic. She sent me my chart with all my blood levels (they ran what looked like a thousand tests). I could have fallen over backward when I saw my Hemoglobin level. In fact, I did fall over, right in my bed, and laid there trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong. I eat clean, workout every day, and I get good rest. I could afford to go to bed a little earlier, but geesh, WHAT THE HECK!

I’ve Reached That Point In My Life.

I mean, have I really come to the point in my life where I need medication or a little boost to help me get along with my day. I can’t just wake up and pop my vitamins like I use to and bounce on my way.

This use to be me!

Nope! I now have to make sure I’m eating enough greens, raspberries, blackberries, a bunch of other stuff and pop my meds.


The Upside

I’m feeling a lot better these days. Even though it does hurt a little, that I can’t make it through 2 Insanity workouts back to back like I used to. Just the thought of 2 hours’ worth of jumping makes me want to punch someone.

But here’s the real upside!

I found my new tagline. Yep, you guessed it, Stumbling through my 40’s. Because I am literally doing just that. I’ve been through more changes than you can imagine. And every day, I wake up with a new pain or new realization about different foods I can no longer eat.

I could go on and on…and I will in my future posts. No, they won’t all be about my aging body, but I will share plenty.

So you have two choices.

  1. Stay and lend me your wisdom or share great laughs, which I hope you do

     2.  Get off this bumpy ride now

Because you are about to stumble through my 40’s with me!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


28 Replies to “Stumbling Through My 40’s”

    1. Thanks girlie!!!!! I’m honored that you are sticking around. My goodness your anemic too??? You have to share some pointers with me. Ya girl is struggling 😫

      1. Haha – yeah, have been for aaaages. For me it mostly comes down to adding things to pick up the slack. Added vitamins. Iron heavy foods. Lots of protein. Giving the body what it’s missing and not overstressing too much!

  1. I don’t know if I’m anaemic but I definitely feel like I’ve been stumbling through my 40s, I think they will end up being me lost decade

    1. If you feel like your moving slow or tired and having trouble focusing then you might be. Please go get checked. This feeling sucks but with medication you can feel good again. I totally agree… my forties will be my lost decade too😟

  2. I’m anemic and have been for most of my life- I can always feel it when my iron levels drop because I feel drowsy and so out of it. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

      1. Yeah anemia runs in my family and apparently WOC are much more likely to get anemia- I’ve been anemic since I was like 12 or so. What really helps me is noticing signs in my body to help me realise when my iron is getting low. For me I feel really sleepy and exhausted no matter how much I rest. So when I start getting a bit sleepy I start eating foods with lots of iron and I tend to feel better in a day or so. I would recommend eating dates every day- they have helped me so much with anemia!

      2. I’m so sorry that you had to deal with this at 12!🙁 Ever since I spoke out about me having this I’ve had so many women give me great advice. Thank you and I will definitely try the dates. I haven’t had those in ages.

  3. Girl! Age can be a booger, can’t it? LOL I feel your pain. I’m going to be 50 in about six months and working out, which I just started a few days ago, knocks me out. When I was earlier in my 40s, I got through a workout quite well. But I’ll keep on until I build my strength. And judging from your pictures, you look like a powerhouse. I look up to you and I think you’re going to do great.

    1. Yes it is!!! Everyday is a different struggle and when you have a good day, it’s the best day EVER!! Keep going strong and every workout will get a little smoother.
      Thank you but honestly my weight is all over the place and I’m not going to let that get me down. Just focusing more in eating better and having plenty of protein, fruit and veggies and pray for the best 😂

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better these days. It’s always a scare when we don’t feel ourselves and can’t deny that something is off. I will send you some healing vibes via Reiki. 😉
    As far as the name. I love it and I think it should tell our journey. It was a key factor in choosing my name and if you look up both Rhapsody and Bohème, it is a little snippet of me.

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