Strike a Pose…I’mBored

I swear that’s all we do anymore!

Pose for this and pose for that; that’s all we do is pose. Which is one reason why I’m starting to HATE Instagram. If you post something other than your butt hanging out of shorts or tits pushed up to the moon, then you get 2 likes and zero clients. The competition is awkwardly high for personal trainers, and most clients are looking for you to literally get butt naked for business. NOW I get it; they want to see if your body is qualified enough to train others. But does every picture have to be a practically naked one?

I’m bored!

Put your clothes back on, girls and boys!

I Know The Problem

SEX sales! We’re attracted to skin, and then that attraction leads to fantasies. I mean, come on, look at the porn industry, and how much they pull in every year. This world has a freakin problem. People will do anything for views and likes.

Party or Are We Posing

So one of the last childish birthdays that I went to (and wish I didn’t because it was a total waste of time), all we did was take pictures and not fun ones. All of the poses were serious, and the birthday girl didn’t socialize with any of her guests unless they were posing with her.

I’m bored

So what did I do? I grabbed a slice of cake and went and sat down by my husband so we could talk about folks at the party. He was bored to pieces, and I could tell by his body language that he was thinking, “why is my wife friends with the birthday girl?” I think I fell down a couple of notches in his eyes that night. Especially after he saw the birthday girl humping the air and twerking none stop. For those of you that aren’t aware of what twerking is, consider yourself blessed! Now don’t get me wrong, I like to go to twerk class and laugh at myself, but you will not catch me wearing a dress and heels and humpng the air. At one point at the party a friend and I had to laugh because my husband had this confused look on his face. He was watching the party girl drag guest from one side of the room to another and pose pose pose! He came over to me and said, “is this the only reason why people have parties.”

I told him, “yes for these type of people. But, I promise this will be the last party like this that I will drag you too.” And proud to say that IT WAS! That party was one big pose fest, and the party girl couldn’t wait to post away. I couldn’t remember her having a conversation with anyone. Just posing and drooling to put them on Instagram.

Is That All We’ve Become

Are we just a society that goes to parties or throws parties just for the pictures? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of documenting “the moment.” But I draw the line at that being the sole basis of the gathering. Talk about overkill!

We Can Do Better

I have faith that we can all do better. Maybe it takes age and wisdom to see that getting naked for Instagram is beneath you. I find it quite telling that my clients who were ready to change their lives did not call me because my ass was hiked up on the camera. They felt my passion and could identify with my personal past struggle. The likes I received from a bikini shot did not come from ANY of my clients. The majority were from weirdo men that I don’t know. They didn’t bother to read my caption. I’m sure they just assumed I was a thirsty bubble head that was looking for attention.

So enough of that foolishness!

We can also do better when we decide to stop taking ourselves so seriously and just have fun. Not every picture has to be a “Make love to the CAMERA” picture.

Chill out!

Have Fun!

Laugh a little!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


18 Replies to “Strike a Pose…I’mBored”

    1. I agree! It’s only get worse because we as a society glorify this behavior. The naked girls get sponsors and praised. Which is why my kids had to reach a certain age and understanding about themselves before I allowed them to get instagram

      1. Yes, it’s that herd mentality coupled with the reasonable desire to fit in and all the peer pressure that often involves that needs tackling … somehow!

      2. Yes, somehow we have allowed the behavioural ‘boundaries’ to become so blurred and its now almost becoming normal! I get hit-on on FB and its a business account with no indication as to my sex or age or anything! What would possess anyone to even think of doing that? Gahh

      3. That is so strange. We are also living in times where alot of people don’t care what you gender is. If they like you they like you! LOL

  1. I love the pose in that last picture though 🤪💪
    And agreed, the ‘share the successreel of your life’ attitude these days is somewhat nauseating (though addictive, I admit). It’s weird how technology went from a perk to a necessity to our sense of self soooo fast!

    1. That was my sexy pose! LOL
      Yes it is thee new norm and I do like taking pics at parties but I like to joke, laugh and be in the moment. Social media is has really gotten on my damn nerves lately!

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