Meant To Be……

Just in case you wanted to know

You are meant to be

When I look at you I see hope

There’s something about your face

God blessed you with the type of grace that can’t be repalced

At 17 weeks I was given a choice

I had to think quick

But losing you wasn’t an option

God gave you to me because you are meant to be

You’ve battled with confidence and a stutter  you thought you would never beat

The odds were stacked up against you

So you chose to write the words that were difficult for you to say

You rose like a Queen bringing life to characters that without you the world would never meet

My precious Sammie if there were no you the world would be incomplete

I can’t say this for many

But honey no matter how the world may beat you up

Know that you my darling are meant to be……

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


~Happy Birthday, my BEAUTIFUL Sammie Rae Vaughn~

You can find my beautiful blessing here, sammie, and purchase her book here

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