October Promises

Back in May, I made a list of promises that I tried hard to keep. May Promises


You can click here to read my failures. But in my defense, I blame the PANDEMIC. I gave it my all to keep it together, and yes, I fail short. I did so because I’m human, and there is only so much you can take with being surrounded by idiots.

Idiots that made wearing a mask a huge deal. Okay…. Wait! Let me stop right there, or else I will find myself wanting to choke someone. I’m trying to be positive and start this month out on a high note.

So here are my promises to me

  1. Read more… I have 4 new books, and I have only read 5 pages of my first book.
  2. Continue to stay Off The Sauce (By sauce, I mean a glass of wine or margarita… click the bold print to read that blog)
  3. Pay off the rest of my credit card
  4. Make my last car payment
  5. Stop being lazy and post on my YouTube channel more 

6. Also on my other channel 

 7. I am going to engage more on https://www.instagram.com/belladonnasflashlight/

8. Social media is called “social” for a reason, and in the past, I have failed. But this month I will WIN!

Fingers crossed that I will make all of this happen.

To be continued…….

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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