The One Where: She Gave Me All I Needed

Because of my love for the sitcom “Friends,” my theme this month is dedicated to that love. The title of every sitcom started with “The One Where.”When I was 34, I gave birth to a different kind of human. She was nothing like my other two kids, and yet she was the same.

She looks like them

She moves like them

She thinks like them

Yet she is uniquely her own.

When she was born, she had spiked jet black hair and the chubbiest Rosie cheeks. She smiled a lot and stared even more. Her face lit my heart up, and I could literally feel my entire life change within seconds of her arrival.

I became a mom!

Even though I already had two kids, I felt like she made me official. The need to juggle three lives and maintain focus on doing it well was critical. I honestly didn’t know if I could do it. But when I looked into those big almond-shaped brown eyes, I knew that God had blessed me with all the tools necessary to be all that and more.

My angel came home from the hospital and whooped us all into shape. She quickly became the center of all of our lives. She has a way of looking at you and letting you know what she is thinking without saying a word.

Her ability to wake up EVERY single morning with a smile on her face amazes me. When I tell you that this little girl never has a bad day… I mean that!

Every teacher she has ever had loves her and tells me that her focus is something to admire (we have some pretty OUTSTANDING teachers in our county). She is brilliant and pleasant, all wrapped up in one athletic package.

I don’t know why God trusts us with such a beautiful creature, but we thank him every single day….

We are blessed to play such an amazing role in her life and guide her through this journey we call life!

So today, we solute her… let’s eat ice cream cake!


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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