The One Where: I Hit The Wall

Because of my love for the sitcom “Friends,” my theme this month is dedicated to them. The title of every sitcom started with “The One Where.”

Giving birth for the third time took a toll on my body and spirit. When I came home from the hospital, I weighed more than when I was pregnant with her. Needless to say, I was pissed off and felt like punching everyone that said, “you look good for just having a baby.”

Then I would say, “Thank you.”

Now we’re both lying. I look like crap, and you know it, and I’m anything but thankful for your backhanded compliment!

I waited 6 months before I started on my weight loss journey. My first step was signing up for weight watchers, which worked reasonably well. But after a while, I was so sick of counting points. To this day, I can look at any food item and tell you it’s point value.

My excitement began to grow because I was losing weight and feeling capable of moving on to my next step. So after my oldest two kids were off to school, and my baby was down for a nap, I leaped into the danger zone. I dug out my P90X DVD’s. I had never done any of these workouts, but I witnessed my sister and husband working out to one of them. When they were done, they hit the floor from exhaustion. So I knew that I was probably not quite ready for this… but what the hell!

There I was, 15 minutes into the workout, and I hit a wall.

I literally hit the wall and fell to the floor! All I remember is my head was feeling light, I lost vision in my left eye, and my head started pounding. Then I hit the wall and fell to the ground. I laid there thinking this is it, this is how I’m going to die. I started panting and crawling on my floor in search of my phone.

Once I found it, I called my husband and said, “get home because I think I’m dying.”

He said, “tell me what’s happening.”

I said, “I just worked out, and I think I have something wrong with my brain.”

He said, “what workout are you doing.”

I said with a grunt and a groan, “Plyometrics.”

I think he fell out of his chair when I said that. I heard a huge gasp followed by “don’t do that workout anymore until you are used to leaving the ground.” He continued on…” your body isn’t used to all of the quick moves. You have to gradually work your way up to that.”

He came home early, cooked, and took care of my ignorant butt.

Well, after that, I was determined to get myself together. My goal was to work up the strength to get through Plyometrics and follow it with another tough one from the P90X collection.


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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