Put That AWAY

Anybody can do the right thing on a Monday. But can you do right on a Friday?

Whenever I talk to someone about starting a weight loss program, they always say, “I’m going to start on Monday.” Which means they will eat what they please on Friday and Saturday. Then when Monday comes around, they have additional weight to shred off.

This might seem strange to some, but if I want to make a change, then I’ll begin on any day, even a Saturday!

Yes, on the weekend. Why not?

I know the weekends are tough, and that’s why I turn my firmness with my clients up a notch

Usually, on Friday, people want to unwind and eat something greasy, fatty, and packed with calories. I’m right there with ya. I love my pizza Friday and will not deny myself a deep dish with pepperoni, bacon, green peppers, mushrooms, banana peppers, and sometimes black olives.

I workout 5 to 6 days a week, and if I want to eat that, then I will do so proudly.

However, if you are 90 days or less into my program than those cheat days, DO NOT APPLY TO YOU. Your body has not had to time to recognize what you are trying to do. One cheat day will set you back a week, and frustration will set in when you step on that scale and see the damage that you caused.

Below is a list that will help prevent you from sabotaging all your hard work. I like to call it my “Put That Away” list.

Put That Away

  1. Are you sneaking food and trying to shove it in before you get caught? If so… PUT THAT AWAY
  2. Have you been on a strict regimen for less than 90 days? If yes….. PUT THAT AWAY
  3. Are you on any type of medication that you were put on because of your weight? If yes… PUT THAT AWAY
  4. Do you feel pain in your ankles or heels when you stand up? If yes…PUT THAT AWAY

This is just part of my list… but I think you all get my point. Now you know that those cheat days have to be earned and not given. So if you didn’t earn that treat, then PUT THAT AWAY!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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