You Aren’t Who They Think You ARE

The one thing that makes us all alike is the fact we try to be something we aren’t.

At some point in our day, week, month, year, or lifetime we have tried to portray an image that was slightly false.

Rather you want to admit it or, not we all want to fit in and be liked. Human contact and acceptance is a necessity. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want unless we fake who we are. As if being you isn’t enough.

My daughter had a stutter when she was small. It was the type of stutter that hurt her chest when she struggled to find her words. She would rather be silent than to reveal her stutter. Which led girls to believe that she was stuck up or weird. As a mom, I wanted to shield her from the world and protect her heart.

I had a friend that struggled with weight. I loved her so much, and we would have a conversation that sometimes lasted for hours on in. When she was younger, she was ashamed of her size. She would pretend that she was full when everyone else was eating. During one of or long phone calls, she told me that people made her feel like she was a pig.

In high school, I became close friends with a kid that was gay. He was teased by older boys because he couldn’t throw a ball like the other boys did. He wanted to wear pretty things that were brightly colored. But feared if he dared, he would get beat up. His parents told him that he wasn’t gay, he just had a mental problem.

I live in an area where the average household is doing pretty well financially. At least they are if they are making sound decisions with their finances. However, money won’t heal a broken heart. I see so many women stepping outside their comfort zones to fit in. Undergoing plastic surgery to bury all of their insecurities. They will lie about liking things that they hate. But if that lie helps you keep that man or those friends, then it’s all worth it.

Learning to be and not who they think you are is the most significant gift you can give yourself. Pretend like labels no longer exist and picture a world where everyone in it is JUST LIKE YOU. You aren’t weird or a pig. You don’t have a mental problem. You don’t need to change any features on your face or any curve on your body.

Being you is enough… It doesn’t matter who they think you are.

Just as long as you know who you are!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


5 Replies to “You Aren’t Who They Think You ARE”

  1. This is exactly the kind of positivity we need right now! You are so right- we are perfect as we are and we don’t need to change and become someone others want us to be.

  2. I love this, Bella! This resonates with me as I used to hide my real personality when I was young. It was a waste of time and a lot of unnecessary hard work. For me it took getting older and getting to a point to where I no longer gave a damn what others think of me. Now, I’m able to relax and just be and that’s true freedom! Self-love is a must and we achieve that by accepting, even embracing, the good, bad and ugly parts of ourselves. We change what we can (the things WE don’t like) and embrace the things we can’t. Thank you so much for posting. This made my day!

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