Start Over Again

Losing weight is easy…… until it isn’t! We give up on living a healthy lifestyle so quickly!

Sometimes I feel like self-sabotage is all apart of our plan. Searching for any excuse to give up. Forgoing the thing or things we want the most but then realizing how much effort it will take to reach.

Then doubt drowns our soul. Leaving us at the lowest point of our life mentally.

I deal with women that are on the hunt to reclaiming their life. Losing weight just so happens to be a massive part of getting your mojo back! Notice I didn’t say working out. Even though it is a large part of losing weight but not the only factor. Eating clean is the KEY! 

You can work out until your knees give out, but if you are still eating junk, then your body will not change!

Every Sunday, I give my clients a list of exercises that I want them to complete for the week. I base it off of their fit test, and I focus on the areas that need improvement. My list will make your eyes pop out your head. Especially if you aren’t aware of how strong you are. I design it this way because I want my clients to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

But many of my clients are SABOTEURS!

Quickly giving in to temptation and consuming calories upon calories. Making the scale slowly creep back up to that horrid number that signifies an unhealthy zone. Which ultimately… leaves a crippling feeling.


Throwing in the towel isn’t an option. If you have failed 1000 times, then you should feel more motivated than ever to make this moment WORK. Giving in to temptation is common and believe it or not, that’s okay.

Just start over again.

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