It’s Always Been You


Last week I woke up to this card… With a poem inside that was written by my husband.

It’s titled Still a Rare Lady because on our wedding day he read this to me Rare Lady Of Mine

Still A Rare Lady

So it’s been 20 years my instincts were right

20 wonderful years snuggling through each night

How we have shared many laughs and dreams

Numerous of them have come true

Fairytale romancs are possible it seems

If I passed away tomorrow

20 years of marriage would keep me alive

When our tale is told the story will be brimming with pride

You’ve guided the babies to greatness

They hang on to your every word

I couldn’t imagine a better mother

You inspire us all to fly as high as a bird

I’m full of excitment

Looking forward to the next 20 years

It’s been a special ride

I hope and dream without fear

My spirit is intertwined with yours

We’ll hold hands throughout time

It’s been an honor to navigate life with

This Rare Lady of Mine

I have been blessed enough to marry someone that not only tells me how much he loves me, but he shows me every day. That’s all I ever wanted. Marriage is not easy, but when you are with the person that you are meant to be, you can sail right through any difficult times.

When we were first married, we said that we would always lean on each other. Always be fully committed to one another and our future kids. We went in with our heart on our sleeve and that’s where it has remained.

This bound is forever!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored


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