Small Confessions on Saturday

We made it to August, and I feel the love already! August is one of my favorite months because it’s a transition from summer to fall. The last full month of summer and I met my husband in August…so there’s that!

Well, actually, I met him in September, but my eyes ran across him in August… okay, that makes me sound like a creeper.

Confession number 1… I really was a slight creeper. I liked him, but he was younger than me, so I had to pretend that I wasn’t interested. Being involved with a younger kid made me lose cool points. Let’s face it; no one can afford to lose cool points in High School.

So what did I do?

Of course, I stayed calm, and for a while, I pretended like he didn’t exist. That’s what Teen Vogue told me to do and all of the other trendy magazines advised the same. So why wouldn’t I follow what the “pros” told me to do? Women are supposed to play hard to get…. okay, I can’t even write that with a straight face.

Confession number 2… I went up to my now husband and made it clear that I thought he was attractive. He had the option to do anything he so desired with that tidbit of information.

Confession number 3… I had a boyfriend at that time, but I was so ready to dump him anyway. This sounds really bad, but my boyfriend quickly became an ex-boyfriend after taking one long glance at my husband.

Confession number 4… I knew my husband was going to propose to me because I found the ring. When he was at work, I went snooping in his apartment looking for it. I went into the kitchen and felt around on a really high shelf. It was too high for me to see anything, so I stood on my tiptoes until I felt a small box.

Confession number 5… I hated the ring! But of course, I would never tell him that. So when the day FINALLY came, and he proposed I literally screamed when I saw the ring. This ring was huge and custom made. Definitely not the same ring I found. Later on, he told me that he didn’t care for his original ring and went and exchange it for a better one.

Confession number 6… My husband will find about confession number 4 and 5 when he reads this post.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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