Saturday Morning

What are your Saturday mornings like?

My Saturdays are slow and filled with coffee and much-needed sleep. Yes, I can sleep after drinking coffee!

Today as I was making breakfast, I couldn’t help but think about today’s political climate. Not that things have substantially worsened but, they haven’t exactly improved either. I am amazed that a man thinks he can get away with calling a woman a bitch in the workplace.

And what… you think you are just going to walk away untouched after saying that?

Yeah.. not today

Nice try, though!

Alexandria… Ummm, know, let’s call her by her initials. I freakin love saying AOC.

Whether you like her or not isn’t my concern. She is undeniably smart, hardworking, and knows her shit. She gives me hope for all of the up and coming young ladies. I have two daughters that are a force to reckon with. Actually, all of my nieces are quiet the force. There is zero doubt in my mind that a man will ever get away with talking down to them.

You expect a loser on the train or a random fool in the city to call you a bitch. It happens, and who cares. You just chalk them up to having mental problems and quickly get out of there way. You can’t let that ruin your day. However, in the workplace… no ma’am. Once upon a time, women were expected to remain silent if a man called them a bitch at the workplace.

Silence gives out a LOUD, I hear you, but that’s okay type of message. A message that makes my soul cringe. The day that Yoho called AOC a fucking bitch he gave his daughters boyfriends or husband/ significant other the green light to call them the same.

I find it ironic that he called her that when he’s the one following behind Trump like a puppet.

Who’s really the bitch!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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