Favorite Child

First child

Middle child

Last child

and any you may have in between…

Do you treat them all the same?

Yesterday after dinner, my family and I went for a swim. It was such a beautiful night, a, nd the air was so soothing.  A light breeze calmed over the trees after a hot hot day. So we really took the time to just enjoy the night.

After a 90 degree day, the pool was precisely what my sore body needed. My husband and I talked as we swam freely in the pool. My mind was clear and feeling alive. I had accomplished everything on my to-do list and was able to break into my list for tomorrow.

Then here comes my youngest floating up un her large tube, and out of nowhere, she says, “mom, do you have a favorite kid”?

Without hesitation, I immediately said, “No, you all get on my nerves equally”. We laughed, and then I was curious as to why she asked me this. So I asked her…

“do you think I do”?

She said, “not at all, I feel like you love us and treat us all the same.”

I went on to explain to her that I depend on all three of you differently. There are certain things that I expect out of each of you. The best way I can explain it is like this…

For all of my Avenger type fans ( I know it wasn’t just the avengers that defeated Thanos)

It took Spiderman, the Avengers, The Guardian of Galaxies, Thor, Dr. Strange, Black Panther and his female warriors ( a.k.a Dora Milaje), Scarlett Witch, Black Widow, Antman, Hawkeye, Korg, and Nick Fury, to defeat Thanos.

They were all an intricate factor, and no one’s role was more significant than the other!

This is how I view my household.  All of us coming together, therefore allowing us to feed off our individual attributes. When one wins, we all win. We’re in this together!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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