Yep I’m Bragging

When I became a parent, I said to myself, this little girl is going to better than me. I need her to know who she is and what she is capable of. I have to instill a bold tone in her body and let her know that backing down from anyone ISN’T an option.

My Samo was born with fractured shoulder and feet that were totally turned in. She was 10lbs of fluffy joy, and I blacked out, pushing her into this world. My doctor said that she may need to wear special shoes that will give her ankle support. Overtime her arm will be fine.

As a brand new parent, I was frightened for her. My husband and I massaged her little shoulder and ankles multiple times a day.

Glad to say her shoulder and ankles improved quickly, and she has played and excelled at many sports!

When Samo was in kindergarten, she had a teacher that took on a grandparent role in her life. We became so close to her. She loved Samo and quickly became one of Samo’s favorite people. She always had teachers that fell in love with who she is and adored her passion for knowledge…. WEll, except for her first grade teacher. She was scandalous and lived to remind Samo that she wasn’t the smartest in the room. Momma Bear quickly came out…Don’t mess with my kids!

Then Samo developed a stutter that tried to take her voice, so she wrote instead of talking. That turned into a BOOK! She became a TEENAGE AUTHOR Accursed Red (PROUD PROUD PROUD).

She found that her words flowed better if she could write them instead, so she did. She read a lot, wrote a lot, and became an even more passionate thinker. Sammi Cakes

She graduated from high school this year with a 4.2 GPA, 1460 SAT and work experience, community service, and best of all, she never lost that infectious smile and laugh.

Today she is not only attending college but has received the Presidential Scholarship from Spelman.

Yep, I’m bragging!

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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  1. Wowowowow, you have good reason to brag as these are awesome accomplishments! Especially for someone so young. Well done to your girl!!

  2. Aww this was such a great thing to read! You definitely deserve to brag. It sounds like you’ve raised an amazing child! Wow. ❤❤❤ I’d be bragging, too!! I wish you & Sammi all the best in this world! ❤ I definitely had to subscribe to her blog!

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