Sometimes she has to remind herself to breathe through the pain. What she feels is more profound then you could ever imagine. Savannah fights for her life daily and yet no, one knows it. One day she feels so high that she feels as though she is flying. She raises her arm as high as she can, with her fingertips extended as high as they can possibly reach. She swears she can feel the clouds.

It was a sunny Friday morning, and she jumped out of bed with her long black hair flopping in her face. She tossed her hair out of her eye and smiled as she opened her blinds to reveal the sun. It was 9:00 in the morning and had to be at least 85 degrees outside already.

On her good days, the sun made her come alive!

She was so happy that this was a good day because, for the last two weeks, she could barely get out of bed. But today she was eager to get up and go on a boat ride. Savannah went to her closet and pulled out a soft pink skirt that stopped in the middle of her tan, muscular thighs. She paired it with a pale pink tank top and her favorite silver sandals that had the cutest little wedge.

Her makeup went on effortlessly. She wore her eyeliner on the upper lid, mascara, bright red lipstick. The red was simple and astonishing against her shiny, full of body jet black hair. That hung to the middle of her waistline.

Ohhhhhhhh today was her day!

She almost leaped out of the house as she headed to shore.

A few weeks ago before her lows kicked in she had booked a lunch boat ride. And well, once Savannah hit low, she just knew that she would not be able to enjoy the day she had hoped to take part in. But here she was. She skipped on to the boat and began her adventure.

She dreamed about doing this ever since she was a little girl. Savannah’s joy for life was always a head-turner. Not to mention her beauty made them stare as well. She had an effortless beauty. But she didn’t know just how stunning she really was. That’s what made her even more breathtaking.

Just as the boat was about to sail the waiter approached her. He wanted to take her drink order, and he offered her a fruit to choose from. The choices were endless but the peach caught her eye. So she grabbed it and just as she was taking a bite she looked up and saw a beautiful man shyly smiling at her.

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  1. Wow, you had me with the first line and immediately I felt drawn in. Actually it felt like reading a little about myself. Totally relatable and beautifully written.

      1. I surely will, how could I not. It’s amazing, keep up the great work. You are so talented with your style of writing and capturing your audience. Beat wishes always.

      1. You’re very welcome, hon! It looks like love in the making between Lucas and Savannah! Can’t wait for the third part!

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