Behind The Picture…Balancing Act

My dress is inside out!

Right before I stepped out of my car, I just so happened to look down, and there it was. My sundress that I threw on in the dark was inside out.

Like always, I was rushing for time and barley looking at myself in the mirror. To be quite honest, I didn’t look at all. I was heading to pick my son up from football practice, and I wanted to go to the store before picking him up. So I had to get out the door ASAP.

As I pulled up to CVS, I looked down to grab my mask and was utterly speechless to see that my dress was inside out…….

I didn’t care because if someone had a snarky comment, then I would laugh right along with them. My mind was made up to go in and get my deals for the week. And stick to my schedule. As I walked by fellow shoppers I know, they noticed my dress, but they glared and stay silent.

Look! My life is all about a balancing act. I have a business, and a household that I’m trying to run and keeping up with everything is hard as hell! So if the worst thing that happens to me is coming out in an inside out dress, then I’m doing well.

This video and picture is a clear example of my life.

One weight is my family. The other weight is my business, and my knee up represents being a woman. We have so much weight on us, and yet we are supposed to remain balanced and focused. One stumble can throw everything off.

THAT IS MY LIFE! I often think about how a man has the ability to only focus on their job, and that’s it. But women will often focus on everything at the same time. We do a little laundry, cook, make sure the house is smelling good and kept up, make sure the kids are doing what they should be doing. Then and not a moment before, we can now dig into our WORK/CAREER.

Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone’s household, but this is definitely a sneak-peek into mine….


Balancing act!

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored!


16 Replies to “Behind The Picture…Balancing Act”

      1. I am excellent. Busy beyond belief (but I have a feeling you get that). Renaissance Rising has had to take a short hiatus as my time has been split starting another business. ReDiscoveringME.Us (it’ll be Live by the end of the day- goaz at least xD )

      2. Will do! I am trying to revamp everything, unite my pages, and unify my image. I should all becoming together very soon! I am so glad to hear that you are interested!!!! <3

  1. Wow you’re really good- I fall down when I walk lol! I love how you related this with life because it really is all about having a healthy balance.

    1. Yes it is! It’s a struggle for awhile but once youget the hang of it, it gets a tiny bit easier. That is until the net curve ball is thrown at ya…

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