The Good Old Days

Her curtains were drawn, not a shred of light could fight its way into the room. The air was calm, and the sweet smell of her ivy rose water candle filled the air. Savannah was sitting in her favorite chair with her eyes closed tightly and trying to remember each mole on her husband’s face. She wondered if he had them when they first met and she couldn’t remember.

Tears ran down her face as she remembered the day they went on their first vacation with their children. They were small and had eyes filled with adventure. Ready to explore and feel the sand between their toes as they ran into the ocean. Savannah sat back and smiled. Her heart was pounding with pride.

The doorbell rang, and for some reason, her heart sank. There wasn’t any reason to feel panicked but yet she did. She slowly moved her favorite soft blanket off of her legs, and she made her way over to the door. She lived in a secluded area of town and only a few houses were near hers. She chose this location because the ocean was in her back yard. She had huge windows that allowed her to take in the view when she chose too.

Today wasn’t that kind of day…

When she opened the door she saw a little girl that was around 8 years old. Long shiny black ponytails that hung to her waist. She smiled and revealed her missing tooth and big dimples in each cheek. Savannah felt a sting in her heart. This toothless gorgeous little creature reminded her of her children…well when they were that age. Close to 30 years ago.

Her name was Paisley. She had a soft and polite voice, and she barley opened up her mouth when she asked, ” would like to buy Christmas cookies, I will be delivering them in three weeks, which will be just in time for Christmas.”

Savannah knew that she didn’t need treats like this anymore. Not since her husband passed, and her kids won’t be joining her for Chrismas this year. Every other year they either bring their new little families for Thanksgiving or Christmas. So she will be all alone.

But she decided to pretend like she had a need and purchased three boxes. She wanted to remember how it felt when the boxes arrived at her home with a house full of kids and the shimmering look in her husband’s eyes as he took that first bite.

Savannah needed to be in that moment….remembering the good old days

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