Have I ever told all of you how much I hate Facebook?

You’re friends with people that you can vision tossing into a fire… oh maybe that’s just my vision. I have deleted that darn app a few times, but two years ago, I made a new account. I only did this so I could promote my training business, now YouTube and my blog.

However, since I started my new FB account, I am no longer friends with a handful of the folks on my “friend list.” So today, I was done looking at them post things that I wasn’t interested in seeing.

I cut them off! I figured it didn’t matter because they never like anything I share anyway.

I can post excellent news about my kids, something funny, food for thought, and I get nothing. However, this one person in particular has the nerve to tag me in posts. Like, you really expect me to comment or like the mess your sharing because you tagged me.

Then there is this…….

The people who you know are looking at your post but refuse to like it because you seem to be happy. The majority of “friends” on FB can’t stand to see you happy. Believe me, I am not one of those people that are all hugged up with their spouse and saying how much I love him.

That just ain’t me…. to corny and obviously fake.

But I do share a lot of entertaining content because I like to laugh and enjoy the days that I have on this earth. You never know when your last days are coming. So I want to enjoy every single day that I’m blessed to have.

And during my process of finding joy and happiness, I will cut off any sour puss that’s in my way!


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!




18 Replies to “Done…Finished”

  1. I hate facebook too and the people there. Was about to delete my account then started my blog so I connected it with that account to promote it.😂😂

  2. Yup, just keep the people who support you and who are happy when you’re happy ~ ’cause that’s what you’ll do for them! xxoo

  3. Facebook and social media in general sometimes can be such a fake place and a total waste of time. I speak to about four or five of my Facebook friends and I don’t really interact with anyone else much because a lot of them are just very fake or toxic people.

  4. I completely understand, Bella! Facebook is getting to be the devil’s lair! I say this because many times, I get banned for nothing more than sharing anti-bullying messages. But! It seems that the hellish kiddie porn sites, adult porn and hate speech and violence sites get a free pass! How backwards is that?

    I haven’t deactivated my account but only because I use it to spread awareness of bullying and to keep up with many of the people I care about. But I’m getting pretty fed up with how they treat certain people and not only me. So, I beginning to seriously think about it. I hope this finds you well! Sending love and light your way!

    1. That is so backwards. You are spreading awareness and can help many people but the people with zero positivity can stay afloat! I just don’t get it. We live in an over sexualized world!

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