Let Us Not Forget

When all of the speeches have been spoken, and all of the marches have been marched hold on to your why. May this image be forever locked in your brain.

A man that wanted to be so big and tall that he used a man’s neck to lift him up. Let us not forget that not one police officer lifted his knee up while another black man died gasping for life.


Let us be the generation that will stand firmly together and dare another knee to be knelt and taken the life of another black man.

Let this picture be the symbolization of what working as one can and will do. Fighting anger with anger will get us nowhere, but using our strength will lead us to hope.

Hope will bring us to change!

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored!


6 Replies to “Let Us Not Forget”

  1. Yes, it’s very important to remember this moment. As a history major I know over time a lot of things are forgotten or systematically made to be forgotten/replaced. However, some things need to be remembered and unity is of course very important too- that’s the only way things will change.

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    1. Oh good history major💗💗💗 I love that. We are taught to replace history by little facts and that’s the problem and why we can’t get it right. It will continue to repeat until all details are laid out and remembered for what they truly were

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      1. Yes exactly we need to learn actual history not just what they want to teach us. The future can not be made better if we don’t learn properly about the past.

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