This Is Why

I am a fighter and a Christian before I’m anything else!

My belief for doing the right thing and standing for those that can’t stand for themselves is fundamental to me. My husband and I have raised our kids to believe in more than themselves. Teaching them that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Their death will not make human life come to a quick halt. So think about more than yourself. Reflect on how you can mobilize change and have an impact that can be felt for generations to come.

With that being said. We have spent hours upon hours discussing what we can do as a family.

Everyone has there own right to choose how to make a move during this movement. Some want to protest, donate, educate, provide rides to voting stations, or hold their own private forums in person or virtually. It doesn’t matter what part you play as long as you are focused, strategic, and always holding onto your why.

When we hold to that why things become clear, and our focus is unwavering. Then and only then can we unite in the masses and bring forth our desire change. Always keeping our foot on the gas and moving like a quiet and well-oiled machine. Thinking out what we can accomplish by our actions and holding firm to the fact that we can never fight anger with anger….but only with a well-rested mind.

Because of the color of my skin, a message can be lost if I yell and enter into a room like a wrecking ball. I’ll be labeled the crazy and mad black lady. But if I come with a “WOKE” stride and an educated sharp tongue, my words will be heard, and my presence will not be ignored nor labeled with a sexist of racist connotation. Now with this strategy in mind, multiply me again and again and again and imagine how powerful our presence will be.

History has shown us that peacefully marching like Dr. Martin Luther King will still get you shot and marching with rage like Malcolm X will get thrown in jail and labeled. So why not mix the two.

Remember your why and Get mad…Get angry…Get educated…Get Your voice heard….Get to the POLLS and VOTE!

Never forget your WHY….let it move you

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!





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