40 Eye Rolls Before 9 AM

I went to bed really early last night because I wanted to be fresh and ready to edit my videos. But that extra bit of sleep didn’t help me at all. I woke up with the absolute worse energy and a severe attitude problem.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I had an attitude with the sun and those damn loud birds (first eye roll) for some reason my teeth were sore. So Imagine I was grinding them in my sleep. Which means I slept angry as well.

So I limped out of bed (something was wrong with ankle), made my way to, the bathroom and brushed my teeth. My toothbrush felt like a cactus plant rubbing on my gums and my sore teeth.

I put on my Covid-19 outfit. I wear the same outfit every time I go to the store.

A one-piece grey jumper and a pair of white and blue Nike flip flop. I’m pretty sure I combed my hair, or at least I, patted it down so that I didn’t have bed hair. I looked in the mirror and rolled my eyes.

As soon as I hit that bottom step, my husband so cheerfully said Good Morning, and all I had for him was a….UGH!


I jumped in my car and headed to Target….I am so sick of Target, Publix, Kroger, and CVS. My goodness at this point, I just feel like kicking over products. I can’t breathe too well in my mask now that the heat has kicked up outside, and I’m just over it. But of course, I will keep wearing them.

At Target, I picked up a few necessities and then headed to isle 34 G. They decided to move the air fresheners, carpet fresheners, plugins, and Fabuloso a mile away from the other cleaning products… that pissed me off too. Once I made it to the other side of the earth to get my wax melts, I was greeted by this man that gets on my nerves.

Most of the people at Target are very friendly, but this one jerk really works my nerves!!! I guess I was in his way, so he just stood there looking at me with his box in his hand. So I said I will be out of your way in just a minute, I’m trying to find my go-to wax melt. Then he had the nerve to say…..

“I am hoping you will move along any day now,” eye roll number 40, and it was only 8:57AM.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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      1. Hey, sorry for the delay. I’d like to try a low impact one. I’d love it for the community aspect. I’m not ready to pay for a ton of classes now, honestly, but thought it would be fun to say hi since we are blog pals. And, if you do charge, where can I find out how much,etc, and I will pass the word along.

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