May Promises

I promise……

To be kind to myself and treat me like I do the ones I love

To be patient

To put down my to-do list and enjoy the moment

To reach out to my loved ones. and tell them I love them

To stop and listen to the birds

To not cry anymore as my daughter prepares for college…..that’s a tough one



11 Replies to “May Promises”

  1. Great post of promises. Your daughter going to college is a tough one, but it will be worse when she goes off and gets married. Thanks for the post.

    1. Oh please don’t make me cry tonight!! I can’t even imagine her getting married. I’m having such a hard time with college. But I’m grateful to apart of her new journey. Pray for me and Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you💗

      1. It was tough, but when my daughter got married, her husband was such wonderful guy, I consoled myself with the having a new member of the family.

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