Stuck at Home With Ugly Nails

Day 19 of 30

Mind Body and Soul Transformation

Listen, I’m not risking my life to get my nails done!source

No ma’am, no sir. Not going to do it. The governor of Georgia can lift the stay at home order and allow every nail tech to switch the open sign on all he wants. I value not only my life but the lives of the rest of my family. So I will remain home and do what I’ve been doing for the past three years!

I stopped going to the nail salon because I was so sick of the wait time, and they kept hitting my cuticles with that trite spinning gadget. I would concentrate on my cuticles so intensely and hold my breath as they slid across and repeatedly bumped them. Then they would hit my hand and tell me to relax.


How the hell can I relax when my cuticles are screaming to be saved. So smack my hand one more time and see what happens. After I would get a little testy, they would stop speaking English, and I am quite sure I was the subject of conversation. I know that they hated to see me come just as much as I hated going.

Well, I had had enough of all this back and forth, so I decided to start doing my own nails. That allowed me the freedom to not only change my style of nails as often as I like but at an affordable price, and they will hold for two weeks!


So if you want to know how I get my nails to stay put, then click APPLYING FAKE NAILS VIDEO. I can pull weeds, comb hair, clean my house, and everything else that’s on my list of things I hate to do.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!





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