Silence Is Felt

Day 15 of 30

Mind Body and Soul Transformation

This week has seemed extra long and I couldn’t help but notice a lot of positivity has left the air. When we all began the quarantine chapter in our life there were a lot of funny memes going around. Jokes about becoming your child’s teacher and all the ridiculous things our kids wanted to do instead of school work.

But 5 weeks later, everyone has had time to sit still, and the earth has become a little quieter. For some of us being in a quiet place is terribly uncomfortable because it makes you deal with all the things that noise helped conceal.

I’ve seen so many people on my timeline going through hurt, pain, depression, having suicide attempts, and three people have now been successful at taking their own life.

Just breaks my heart and all I can say is God we need you!

Let go and let God!!

Some of us have a hard time letting go of things and people that take up space. They suck up all the joy in the room and leave you feeling disturbed, depressed, mean, and unable to see the good that you use to see.

Get rid of those folks or addictions and start smiling again!

Let them gossip

Let them try to destroy your name

Let them talk behind your back

They’re to weak to face you

Let them be cyberbullies

Let them screenshot your pictures and tear you down

Let them try to feed you drugs and alcohol that will leave you delusional.

But it is up to you and your choice to ignore all those things and focus on God. Let him strengthen you and guide your every move from this day forth.

We all stumble and act out of character. NO-ONE IS PERFECT!

But God is💗

~May your energy and light be forever changed, and may you find peace in the silence.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. The mental health toll is going to be far greater and more reaching than the body count. I think those who don’t realize this are blind to what is actually happening.

  2. Wow girl. So sorry about the people who took their own lives. My goodness I am weeping for them and their families. I saw on the news that domestic abuse and child abuse is on the rise. I am praying for everyone

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