Get Up and Move With Me

Over the last few weeks, my Instagram page and Facebook have been flooded with workout routines. So many people are going live, and we are all exercising together. I have done tons of videos on my IG stories, and I tell ya I am having the time of my life.

The enjoyment of working out from home is real for me. I LOVE AT HOME WORKOUTS!

You can get your workout done and over with without all the other chit chatter. When I’m focused on reshaping my body, I go to the gym early or stay home, and I’m done before most have opened their eyes (It’s the military in me).

The love I have for online workouts is why I started offering my services to everyone.  We meet online and find the exercise that works for you. It is so much fun for me as well as my clients.

This week I switched it up for my clients and offered a dance challenge. I had them pick any dance routine off of “Cize It Up.”  They practiced it for 2 days and then they had to send me their finished project.

When I finished my taping, I felt like I had whiplash. My neck hasn’t moved that hard and in that many directions in a long time. It felt like I was back taking African Dance! But I made it through and would love for y’all to check it out. I’m grooving y’all! LOL

Please let me know if any of y’all would like to join my challenge next week. Since we had so much fun with round 1, we are going to have round 2.

This challenge really takes your mind off of COVID-19 and all the news. It will put you in a happy place and give you a break from your regular workout routine.

So let’s have some fun and get up and cize it up with me.

Please leave me a message if you would like information about cize it up and any other Beachbody workouts.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!



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