Do These 5 Things To Drop Weight During Quarantine

Put down those chips and dip for a minute and listen up! I don’t want anyone to feel unhealthy when we come out of quarantine. I need everyone to spend this time getting those summer bodies together and not overfeeding those winter bodies.

If you stick to a workout that you can handle and don’t over commit, then you last throughout the days of being in quarantine!

Do These Things

  1. Put a schedule into place and set a bedtime for you and your kids. A lot of us have kids that are in elementary school and high school. Really big age gap and one bedtime may not apply for all of them. But still set some rules.
  • Elementary kids in bed no later than 9:30
  • High School at least fake like your sleep by midnight. Don’t bother me after 9!

2.     Turn the T.V. and get your butt in the bed with a good book or a little pillow talk. Don’t do this…


3.     As soon as you get up, start drinking your water. Your body is dehydrated after all those hours of sleep. So give it what it needs. I always give my clients two options that work for me.

  • Do fasted cardio~ workout on an empty stomach. Which is very effective for weight loss. But if you wait too long to exercise, your workout will not be effective.


  • Eat a piece of fruit and/ or a light breakfast. If you have a light breakfast, then I urge you to wait an hour before exercising.

4.      Plan out your meals or this will be you


5.     I know the kids are home all day every day but don’t be this lady!!!


Got it…….Good!

Now let’s stay focused, positive, and determined to get these bodies all the way together for the summer!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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