You Got Time!

As a trainer, the one thing I always hear from my clients is, “I don’t have time.”

Trust me, I get it. We don’t all have time to make extravagant meals every day or hit our step goals. It is unrealistic for me to expect my clients to do something that I too struggle with. During my first virtual meeting with my clients, I let them know that I am a mom of 3, I have a husband that travels, and all of my kids are involved with sports.

With that being said, my days are unpredictable, and I take one day at a time. Most days, the one thing that I can control is what I eat. My steps are a joke because I spend a great deal of time behind my wheel, dropping off my crumb snatchers and picking them back up.

My Fitbit is set to;

Daily Goals

  • My step goal is set for 10,000 
  • Miles set at 3.5
  • Calories set at 2,000

Do I hit this every day?


But I do try and fall short most of the time.


Oh well!!! That’s motherhood, and I’m okay with it.

However, with the school being closed and sports canceled until May, I am on a mission. My goal is to up my stats every day, and I want you all to come along with me and make the most of this time.

We could all sit and complain, but what is that going to do?

Get up and get moving. You now have time to do all the things that you usually wouldn’t.

So here is my challenge to you!

Previous Goals Set For Each Day

  • Exercise for one hour
  • One good balanced meal
  • 6 hours of sleep
  • Reading who has time for that
  • Meditation…yeah right

New Goals Set For Each Day

  • Exercise for a 1 1/2- 2 hours
  • 3 balanced meals
  • 8 hours of sleep
  • Read your favorite books ( for me the bible is a must and then mystery)
  • Meditate throughout the day and just take time to breathe and be STILL

These are my goals and now I want to hear yours!!!!! PLEASE SHARE so we all can have new ideas on how to better ourselves during this time.

Don’t act like you don’t have time to share….. YOU GOT TIME!


You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!






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