Beast This Shit Out

I see you looking at those donuts! Put that mess down and get ready to boost that immune system.

The time is now to get your body all the way together!

No more excuses.

Many of us are at home with our kids and have gained hours in our day. We no longer have to drop kids off at practice and pick them up. For me, that means Monday- Friday that I have gained 3 hours per day. Saturday and Sunday, I’ve gained at least 6 hours.

I’m not too confused about what to do with all that time.

My clients, as well as myself, are going to come out of this stronger than ever! Our plan is to work out twice each day and take time to cut and prepare a meal that we usually would have time to cook. Plus, the kids are home s they can help chop and clean the kitchen.

We are committed to staying active in our garden, going running, and whatever workout that is on our list for the day. No one is allowed to complain about anything, there is enough negativity on social media.

Folks are either complaining about kids being home, cooped up in the house, noise while they are trying to work, or whatever else. I don’t want to hear it, see it, or be around anything that brings my spirit down.

I know that everyone has the right to express how they feel, and I, too, have the right to shut you off. Hitting that unfollow or unfriend button is quite liberating.

Please do anything to protect your spirit so that you can keep a positive outlook. Because negativity will get you absolutely nowhere!

So let’s take this time to turn on that switch and come out of this time stronger than we have ever been.

So are you ready to beast this shit out or what???



You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!



11 Replies to “Beast This Shit Out”

      1. So insane!!! Hoarding all the damn food. What I have found is all the fresh ingredients are still out there and plenty of. So I made cauliflower crust pizza, spinach, mushroom omelette, protein pancakes and waffles.

        Meat from the deli, smoothies galore, veggie egg rolls and wontons, meatless burgers easy recipe. I have one on my blog, cauliflower Mac and cheese that’s in my blog too.

        Tons more! I’ll write out a list and post it today!

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