I Still Got It

Last Thursday I had a really on day. When I woke up, I literally jumped out of bed and was ready to go go go! You guys, after my kids went to school, I ran 4 miles and then lifted for 30 minutes. I felt like I could run into a brick wall and knock it over.

Later my day became even more vibrant.  I received a call from my daughter’s oral surgeon, and she notified me that my bill for getting her wisdom teeth removed will be much lower than expected.

As you all get to know me, you will see that I love to save money!

Okay, now the funny part begins.  I walked into the grocery store to get my daughter’s prescription filled for her surgery on Friday and spoke to all of the smiling, friendly faces that I see way too often. I grabbed a few items as I waited for Samo’s prescription, and then 15 minutes later I’m bouncing out of the store and ready to get on with my day.

Then it happened, I walked by one of the cashiers, and he cheerfully said:

“Hi ma’am, how are you today”?

I smiled and said GREAT!

Now mind you I’m still walking as I said: “How are you”?

He said, “I’m good, and by the way, you have a million-dollar smile.” As I approached my car, which seemed like a mile away from him, he screams out:


I didn’t answer because now I’m agitated. But that didn’t stop him from screaming it out again.

Now If I didn’t frequent this particular grocery store, I would have ignored him. But since I’m here like every other day, I answered with a ticked off…………YES!

By no means do I think I’m all that, but geesh did he have to be like 103 years old and why did he think he had a chance with me.

Right when I thought I still got it, here comes grandpa having me question my entire existence.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.




8 Replies to “I Still Got It”

  1. lol I am cracking up at this. Look you still made his wiener work so you still out it and I bet if he was young and handsome he would have hit on you too. You know the ugly and old ones have nothing to lose so they are always taking a risk 😂

    1. LOL!!!!! He was a mess! Yes they are the ones with the most nerve and them leave us questioning ourselves like how bad do I look today???? 🤣🤣🤣

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