Do You Feel It?

The earth is alive; and she knows it!

Do you feel it?

She rose from her bed with a sense of urgency and landed on her feet with a thud. The sun was piercing her soul and she couldn’t help but be excited with what, the day was sure to unfold.

The thought of starting this day made her giggle!

She ran to her closet and grabbed the first thing she could find. White shorts, and a black shirt. Off to the bathroom she went to take a quick hot shower. Then she threw her hair in a high ponytail all with a smile plastered on her face.

She was out of breath because the clock was sure to win the race. But that couldn’t be an option so she ran downstairs to grab her coffee. Five sips and a bite of banana is all she needed. She grabbed her sneakers and wiped them off. How did she forget about all the mud she stepped in yesterday while she was watching her daughter play soccer.

Her shoes are wiped off and on her feet. They are looking good enough for this last workout. These shoes have done all they could do and she hated to throw them out but its what she must do. It’s time for a new.

She started up her car and raced to the gym. Her heart was still pounding so hard she could feel in her ears. Her nerves were all over the place but it wasn’t due to fear. The excitement of working out is in the atmosphere and the joy she gets from a challenge is what she holds dear.

She jumps out of the car ready to do what she loves. The earth is alive and it’s giving her the confidence that she needs. Pushing her to throw her hands in the air and take advantage of her space and just move!

Today is her day… Can you feel it?

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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