How To Drop Crazy Weight

My Present conversation with dead weight!

Dear Dead Weight,

Your conversation is boring, my soul, and I feel my life coming to a halt every time you speak to me. The topic of discussion is always about you. “It’s as if stopping and saying how are you doing?” Will bring an end to your total existence.

So let me do us both a favor and walk away. No hellos have to be exchanged and wishing ill will doesn’t exist.

I just want my time!

After being around in this busy world for so long, I have learned that claiming my time is precious. Refusing to allow someone to take space in an already hectic environment serves little to no purpose. Also coming up with excuses as to why your conversation no longer serves me is cowardly.

Here’s the skinny of it… everyone has the right to evaluate a friendship and see if it is one-sided or do we have equal say in this thing. Meaning, if the conversation isn’t about the other, person than boredom quickly sets in, and their eyes start to wander until the focus is back on them.

News Flash…. that person isn’t a good friend!

My advice is to please move on if every time you engage with them and they are the center of the conversation.

I can pull my hair out for sticking around in so-called friendships like this. When I think back to all the conversations, they were juvenile at best. Every time I walked away from the conversation, I wondered how the hell did I get here and how can I get out of this friendship? I mean, if she wasn’t telling me a pointless story or groaning and moaning about something, then the air was cold and still.

I would find myself thinking, how can I get out of this, and Lord, please let her shut up. If I was just a little bit more like my father than I would have told her that her conversation was full of shit or her stories were bullshit! My dad doesn’t bite his tongue and you never have to guess what he is thinking. He isn’t a loud man but he is a man with few but meaningful words.

So anyway, long story short I’m out of that friendship and it feels like I lost well over 100 pounds.

oh, wait… I did! I literally did

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine and I’m honored!



8 Replies to “How To Drop Crazy Weight”

  1. Oh my goodness you are speaking from my heart and I could have written this. I can relate to the T and its so exhausting. It’s true and as long as they are the center of attention everything is great. As long as you comment on the hundreds of selfies making them feel as if they are the most beautiful women on earth, peace is restored. I have left saying the same as you, wondering how I got there. It’s an awful feeling to say the least. Thank you for sharing this and for making me understand that I am not the only one feeling this way.
    Much love to you ❤️

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