So What!

Often times I sent back, and I just watch people. How they move and interact with one another. How they take an unspoken, hidden glance at each other.

I especially love the hidden glance.

There is so much packed into a silent stare. Their eyes were quickly searching over someone’s body and fixated on the parts that they hate about themselves. It may even be an internal fixation. You can’t see someone’s heart, but you can feel how it electrifies a room.

That stare leaves you hating so much about yourself and may cause you to tear someone else down.

Not to mention clouding thinking, such as: “If I don’t feel good, then I don’t want anyone to!”

The feeling of creating ruckus and confusion seems more attractive than to have peace.

However, if peace is what you really want, then the first step is to focus on you. Pretend that you are trying to outdo the old you. I say the old you because every day you are/can be a new and improved version of who you were yesterday.

WE all have to stop looking at someone and wishing we had what they have. Because guess what? What they have is meant for them and not you. Your blessing is intended for you and not them.

I always tell my clients I will lay hands on you if I hear you say, “so and so has the perfect whatever!” Then I follow with so what.

So what if you can’t jump as high as the next person!

So what if they have a six-pack and you don’t!

So what if they can lift more than you!

So what if they workout 6 days a week!

So what if they have perky boobs!

So what if their butt is lifted high!

So what if you aren’t as young as you use to be!

Fall in love with who you are at this moment, and So what if you aren’t where you want to be. Trust and believe you will be when your focus is back on you.


You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!





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