7 Must Do’s To Keep That Marriage Sparkling

I have never experienced anything more complicated than being married and raising kids. Not because I dislike it but because I want to do my very best. The last thing I want is a failed marriage and kids that turn into one of society’s nightmares.

However, for a marriage to be successful, both partners have to want it to work. You can want it to work until you are blue in the face, but if your partner isn’t 100% in than your screwed. Be honest with yourself while you’re evaluating your marriage, and don’t put all the pressure on you.

It’s called a partnership and marriage for a reason. One person can’t make this work alone.

Over the last 19 1/2 years of my marriage, we have been through a lot. I would be lying if I told you that this commitment has been a breeze. Because it has been far from that. Throughout our early years, we argued because money was beyond tight, our involvement or lack thereof with our church. We also both battled with extreme negativity and being impatient with one another.

But with a lot of prayer and focus, we made it this far, and I must say we are quite sparkly!

We knew that our love was strong, and we needed to focus on strengthening all the weak spots. So we made a list of things that would make us tighter.

I’m curious to know which ingredient you feel is the most important one to make a marriage sparkle?

  1. Dependable

  2. Work Ethic

  3. God Fearing

  4. Optimistic

  5. Honesty

  6. Patients

  7. Genuinely Like Your Partner

  8. Make Fitness A Priority

I can feel your eyebrows lifting up when you are reading number eight. As a fitness professional, I will say that being healthy together will strengthen your marriage. The number of positive endorphins that are produced because of a workout will put you both in a winning type of mood. Not mention that I am hooked on my 600-pound life and I see all the medication that they’re on due to their size.

I’ve seen that being overweight can lead to a deep depression and prevent you from being an active partner. Which in return will limit the responsibilities that should be shared between the two parents.

I’m a trainer and not a marriage counselor but I have been married for 19 1/2 years and we are sparkling better than ever!


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