It Was For A Season

I was going to start my Monday writing about my normal beginning of the week subject. Giving everyone, including myself, a little workout motivation for the week. But the topic of adult friendship hit my spirit today.

I was talking to my ex-client about her old friendships and her current ones in her new hometown. She left kicking and screaming but knew that there were better opportunities elsewhere for her husband as well as her career. Which is why she’s my ex-client.

Anyways I saw a bunch of photos of her and a lot of new friends. They were at a restaurant and looked like they had all been friends for a lifetime. I knew they hadn’t because she told me the background of each lady. They all have known each other for a few months and have already formed such a close bond.

So I was curious to know why she had the need to meet friends so quickly and start to hang out with them.

Which then led me to ask her if her husband has already made new friends, and is he hanging out with them?

She told me that it was funny that I should ask that because her husband has zero desire to meet anyone new. But she felt the need to find friends and have a girl’s night out every so often.

I get it!  When you are a working mom and then have to tend to kids’ needs, you suddenly find yourself needing a little time to just let loose. Enjoy conversations with other women that can relate to you.

But I can’t help but wonder why women jump into a friendship so quickly and have to become best friends right away.

We put all of our energy into this newfound friendship. We have to go to the movies together, out to eat, shopping, and other events. Then, as a result of spending to much time together so quickly, the friendship falls apart.

Then we have the case where we may bond over a particular thing, but that doesn’t mean we have to hang out and be best buds. To me, it just means that we were supposed to know each other for that particular season and let go.

I think sometimes I can let go a little too quickly. But that may be due to the fact the I prefer to be alone. I’m not really one to go out every weekend with friends or have to make constant lunch or dinner dates with a girlfriend. That’s never been me.

I’m also very intuitive about knowing when a friendship has run its course. I can feel when the season has come to let that person go.93ca4425e2992f5038805e467e068a1e

I feel that if women would just slow down and stop having to cling to a friend, then we could be friends for a more extended period. We can laugh and talk with each other and then just go home!

Let me give you an example, I’ve lived in my current state now for almost 14 years, and I have seen more friendships end than I ever thought possible. The purpose is usually over something so juvenile. It’s hard to believe that grown women can still act like petty teenagers. They will like you one day and dislike you the next.

I prefer you to stay consistent. If you don’t like me one day, then keep that same energy going!

But I will smile and be forever grateful for the season we spent together.


The season is over and looking forward to Spring!

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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