Everyone Has A Crew

All of my favorite TV shows have one thing in common.

They all have a kick-butt crew.

There are always the sensible ones that know how to balance a checkbook and make well thought out decisions. But I can’t decide if that character is my favorite or the smart mouth one that always has a sarcastic comment and has that judgemental gaze at everyone. However, I have to admit the one member of the crew that’s the dingbat kind of keeps the show alive. Every comment goes over this person’s head and inserts comic relief.

Then you have the wild free spirit, that isn’t afraid to live life on the edge, Blanche Devereaux. He or she enters the room with all eyes on them, and they just know that they are the sexiest thing to walk the planet.

It’s so intriguing to me how writers stick with a similar structure. Sure, a few things are different, but overall every great sitcom follows this to some fashion.

And it works! All the different personalities bring something different to the group, which in return keeps things pleasurable.

I often look at a crew in real life and wonder which person is the;

Dorothy- Sarcastic, serious and pulled together, she makes you laugh without trying but always breaks up tension


Blanche- Hot and spicy and thinks everyone wants 


Rose- Dig bat, so sweet to everybody, not a judgemental bone in her body


Sophia- Sarcastic and judgemental yet fun to be around0abbaee6b04409ec05a4e540b91332b4

Let me stress fun to be around. Sophia’s character is still gratifying. Don’t get that confused with a moody, irritable person that struggles with keeping more than one friend.

So with that being said,

Which one are you?

  1.  Are you a little bit of all of them?
  2.  Are you a mix of two or three?

Hands down, I am a mix of two.

I’m not judgmental, but I’m as sarcastic as they come. But I see myself 100% as Dorothy.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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